A cow turns the tables on man harassing dog



A DISTURBING video of a man harassing a dog took an unexpected turn when a cow turned the tables on him.

Footage that has been widely shared online shows the man repeatedly pulling the dog up by its neck as the animal yelped and whined in pain.

The man, dressed in a checked shirt and trousers, kept harassing the dog even as it howled miserably. Suddenly, however, he was interrupted by a cow barging into the scene.

The cow was filmed pushing the helpless dog away from the man. Then, before he could react, the cow began attacking the man in what many on the Internet termed the perfect example of "instant karma". 

In the video, the cow was seen mauling the man, pushing him to the ground where he rolled around helplessly for a few seconds before the video cut off. 

The footage was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda, who captioned it simply "Karma".