Cop suspended for misusing accused’s phone

Cop suspended for misusing accused’s phone






A KERALA Police officer has been suspended for misusing the phone of an accused.

The phone of a man named Jithin, who was in police custody for a crime, is said to have been stolen by senior civil police officer Abhilash with force.

In order to exert pressure on Jithin, the policeman utilized some videos of a woman from her phone. She works overseas and is a good friend of Jithin.

The woman allegedly said that Abhilash called her and began harassing her. The Pathanamthitta district police authorities responded right away when the woman, unable to handle the strain, filed a complaint.

After discovering that the complaint was valid and obtaining Abhilash’s phone, a senior employee reported the incident to superiors and was suspended.

The police’s cyber division is currently conducting a thorough investigation.