Deaths due to suicides and violent crimes should stop

Deaths due to suicides and violent crimes should stop






THE causes of common death are disease and accidents. Covid 19 pandemic has taken a million (10 lakhs life) in the USA and about the same in India even though the actual reports say 5 lakhs.

The World Health Organization says the actual toll is 120 lakhs, double what is reported. But deaths as a result of violent crimes and suicide can be reduced drastically if the government and religious and community leaders work to eliminate the conditions that result in suicide and violent crimes.

Around the world, the deaths due to suicide and violent crimes are fast increasing. The USA has a big problem with gun violence; there are millions of unregistered illegal guns in circulation among the drug gangs and other criminals. According to the FBI, in 2018, 1.2 million violent crimes and over 7 million property crimes, like theft, burglary and break-ins have happened.

It is estimated that every year about 500 deaths happen through gunshots in the USA. In India also, violent crimes and suicides have increased. Reports from Kerala indicate that there is suicide almost every day and violent crimes are increasing day by day.

With so much law enforcement and security, these violent crimes continue to happen. Why does it happen and how do we control it? Crimes happen due to social conditions, failure of law enforcement, drug abuse, greed, revenge and possession of guns. Biological factors of a human state of mind, adverse childhood experiences, negative social environment, substance abuse (alcohol and drug) and mental health contribute to violent crimes in society.

Suicide is a tragic reaction to stressful life situations, which cannot be handled by individuals with poor mental stability. Suicide can be prevented. People under stressful situations must seek out help, and get professional psychiatric or psychological treatment. People who do commit suicide feel like there is no solution to the problem or issues they face and suicide is the only way to end the crisis or pain they feel.

Both men and women, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, commit suicide. It is a result of a deteriorated mental condition. Public health services by the government and private agencies must include mental health services to the citizens and make it available to everyone.

Because of the stigma, especially in India, many do not go for a consultation and recommend mental health treatment. We urge the Kerala government to make mental health treatment available through hospitals, public health agencies and social organizations. Often people define suicide reasons as love failures, economic disasters, inability to pay back loans and major losses, but committing suicide is a violent reaction, killing yourself. That tendency comes from mental depression.

Violent crimes in Kerala also are increasing rapidly. We hear about contract killing to take revenge, political killing, religious killing, love failure killing and killing due to sudden violent reaction. When somebody is under the influence of alcohol and drugs or when they are angry, they usually tend to get violent, and possession of a gun or other tools are used without any mental control resulting in the killing.

Strict law enforcement, severe punishment for violent crimes, prevention of drug availability especially among the young generation and a social fight against the evil must reduce violent crimes

As the world progresses with new scientific and technological developments, better economic conditions and more communication through social media, these evils of the society, violent crimes and suicide must come down. But it is not happening around the world.

It is because of the prevailing social structure where drug addiction, possession of a gun, sexual abuse, fraud, corruption and other such evils of the society. Often some of these evils are ignored, and sometimes accepted by political leaders and therefore by law enforcement.

Let us urge the government leaders, religions and social organizations to fight against these evils and build a better society.