Fitness freak Virat Kohli drinks ‘Black Water’; it’s price is Rs 4000/litre

Fitness freak Virat Kohli drinks ‘Black Water’; it’s price is Rs 4000/litre


VIRAT Kohli is easily one of the fittest modern-day cricketers, if not ‘the’ fittest. By his own confession, he turned things around in 2014 when he started focusing on his fitness to prolong his career. Thanks to Kohli, the Indian team today is one of the best fielding units in the world.

From turning vegan recently to avoiding all sorts of junk food, Kohli is the ultimate disciplinarian and that inspires his fans. He lays a lot of emphasis on his diet which comprises water as well. This would come as a surprise for his fans that the Indian cricket captain has ‘Black Water’. Kohli has been seen carrying that to the airport on a number of occasions. 

This is special because it contains natural-black alkaline water, which helps you stay hydrated. The ‘Black Water’ is high in pH. It improves immunity and helps one remain fit. It is believed that this water also improves the quality of the skin, keeps the weight under control and it also helps in reducing depression. 

The price of Black Water would surely get some of his fans uncomfortable as a litre costs almost Rs 3000-4000 as per media reports.

Now we know why Kohli is the best at switching formats with equal effect and intensity. The Delhi-born is certainly one of the best batsmen of this era.

Actors from the film industry like Malaika Arora, Urvashi Rautela, Shruti Hasan and quite a few others consume the same water. -


“Black water” is a term that describes water that contains fulvic acid (FvA) and sometimes otherminerals or vitamin additives. Black water is also known by other names, such as “fulvic water” and “natural mineral alkaline water”. Black water has higher pH and alkalinity, making it less acidic than most bottled drinking water or tap water. Black water has been getting a lot of attention from health conscious people, naturopaths, and scientific research for its purported health benefits (in addition to the hydration we all need).