Good lessons can be learnt from youngsters too

Good lessons can be learnt from youngsters too







THERE won't be anyone who hasn't heard at least once the saying, "It is by observing the elders that the others learn."

This saying gives the message that the elders should lead an ideal life. This was true then and is true even today. But let us catch a glimpse of what is happening in the practical realm.

Some interesting changes that happened in my office will throw some light into reality. For about 10 years I was working in my office sitting in a big hall with others. We were 18 women and 15 men. We used to go to the office canteen at 3.30. We went in small groups of women and men separately. There was a separate seating arrangement for women on one side of the canteen. They used to sit there only. 

This happened on a day when things were getting on in the above-mentioned fashion. Ten recruits came and joined. Among them, six were men and four were women.

The new generation of recruits started working earnestly. At 3.30 they went together to take tea. They sat together, men and women, without any distinction and took tea.

From the next day onwards all the staff sat together without any discrimination of women and men and started taking tea together. This way the sex discrimination in the canteen ended.

Now you may opine whether the youngsters have learnt from the elders or the elders have learnt a lesson from the youngsters. Good lessons can be learnt from anybody. That is the truth.

(Translation of Dr. Jacob Samson's Malayalam article Nalla Paadangal by Eapen Chacko)