In Wayanad, soak up the thrills and spills of the great outdoors

TravelClimb up the Chembra Peak and pitch a tent, zipline through the tea plantations of Pozhuthana, go island hopping to Kuruva Dweep, or embark on a trek through the dense forests to Pakshipathalam for a whiff of raw adventure.Susheela NairBamboo...

In Wayanad, soak up the thrills and spills of the great outdoors
IF you have a yen for thrill, some physical stamina and a really cool head, get ready for an action-packed vacation in Wayanad. Come weekends, and techies and corporate executives from the neighbouring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu now head to the great outdoors of Wayanad to recharge their batteries.
Adding to the excitement is the annual Splash festival during the monsoon, when Wayanad beckons tourists to experience the thrills and spills of mud football, off-road rallying, bamboo rafting, archery, mountain biking, commando walking, crab catching and more, all in the rain.
Currently Wayanad promises experiences of rare delight for the young, adventure-seeking traveller.
“Wayanad prides itself as a multi-faceted adventure destination that goes beyond the usual. Our programmes are a mix of nature and soft adventure, and provide insights into local customs and culture. We have a complete line-up of adventure activities that range from trekking and caving to multi-day cycling trails, kayaking, rafting, surfing, zip-lining and outbound training programmes for corporates. Exciting sports are now on offer for everyone all-round the year,” says Pradeep Murthy, Director of Muddy Boots, an organisation promoting adventure sports.