Let's be good human beings

Let's be good human beings


HUMANS might have started communicating in words and providing names to things probably about 10,000 years ago.

About 6,000 years ago several languages started emerging from the words and names, later producing letters and sentences with nouns and verbs.

Human beings started real human life after creating community life along with farming, worshipping Gods and doing other activities. Before that humans were like animals, wandering around the forests, mountains, deserts and rivers, plucking fruit from trees, killing animals, birds and fish to eat, without cooking, like other animals.

When those river shore civilizations that created community life in various parts of the world identifying fellow human beings, each one did not comprehend a much bigger round-shaped world, with thousands of civilizations of human beings with different colour, shape and features.

Each civilization created it’s on language, food habits, super power gods and social patterns. Humans started creating dresses from tree and animal skins and later creating cotton dresses to cover themselves more formally.

Humans were still living in separate places without knowing that a big world with humans of different kind lived. Humans thought world which they saw was flat and limited within the horizons they see around until they started exploring further.

Many civilizations flourished, kingdoms were formed to rule over human beings, rules were established and taxes were imposed on people by the rulers.

 New religions were formed, new religious leaders and philosophers emerged and human beings started thinking more. Europeans started exploring the world, colonization started, new lands like America where humans lived were discovered, and wealthy colonization kingdoms started trading people from poor countries as labourers and slaves.

Rich farmers treated poor farm workers as they own them and created feudal societies. Industrial civilization emerged, more tools and equipment were created, roads and highways were built, big and beautiful buildings were built, cars and trucks were manufactured and human race progressed further.

As many people and countries became rich, poor people were ignored creating sufferings for many. First major democratic form of government emerged in North America liberating from British rules and formed United States of America. More democratic governments emerged after the failure of colonization.

India became a democratic country uniting about 500 small kingdoms after the British rule for about 150 years. Meanwhile, other forms of autocratic governments emerged including communism and others based on ethnicity and religion.

Human race continued to progress with more scientific and technological developments. New generations emerged with new life styles and food habits without respecting history, tradition and culture. International travel increased tremendously and western civilization influenced all other cultures.

English became the international language, internet, IT systems and social media were utilized for communication and all types of scientific and other researches. Human beings who lived 100,000, 10,000, 1000 or even 100 years ago are all now part of human history, but forgotten in its characteristics, outlooks, habits and needs.

What is the real meaning of human life? Humans dominate life on earth even though there are thousands of various kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and fishes live on earth along with millions of plants and trees, that also have life. Human life is different from all those forms of life.

Humans can think and express feelings in more obvious ways, talk and communicate in various languages, concept, design, build and create everything. With all these extra things, humans can do that animals, birds and fishes cannot do.

Human life on earth has become precious, while rest of the life in this world is not that precious. With all the inventions and progress, humans do not have control over what is happening to them and the world. Humans die of diseases, accidents and disasters. Humans have no control over weather and natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, volcanoes, floods, avalanches and famines. Climate change has become a major issue due to greenhouse gas effect.

Human progress and development from the Stone Age to the 21st century did not change the mind of a human being. Every individual has a mind that is independent of another individual. Utilization of that mind in the right way creates wonders while in the wrong way results in bad things.

Utilization of the human mind in the right way continued to create a better world for human beings and brought us from the Stone Age to current situation while human mind working in the wrong way created all the bad things in the world like wars, killings, destructions, anger, jealousy, revenge backstabbing, burglary, smuggling and financial irregularities. Imagine what would have happened to human beings if all of them behaved with the right mind since the Stone Age. Would the results be different? Yes, world would have been much different.

We know how religions and political situations change the behaviours and actions of human beings. World events and human actions were much influenced by religions and political leaders and autocratic rulers of countries in the last 1000 plus years.

During the last 100 years the influence has increased. Scientific and industrial developments and technological advances has influenced events in last 50 years. How can each human being influence the events of the world? It can only be done with more human involvement in the process, making opinions and electing the right people who have the right vision and leadership.

Human life is very important in determining the current and future events of the world and therefore, it is important that human beings behave and act in a positive way to create a better world for us and future generations.

Human beings need to love and respect each other, be honest and loyal and display kindness and concern. Human life cannot be wasted with destructive and corrupt behaviour and actions. Let us work towards creating a more perfect society and thus a world. Somewhere I read recently, “Being Human, learn to Love without condition, Talk without bad intention, Give without any reason, And most of all, care for people without any expectation”

Let us be good human beings and good Malayalee and be part of the Global Malayalee Community upholding the great vision of communal harmony, love for fellow human beings and be positive in our thoughts, conversations and actions.