Proud Malayalee mind

Proud Malayalee mind



IS the Malayalee mind different from other human minds?

Well, human feelings are same whether it is happiness, sorrow, disappointment, anger, love or revenge, but the way it is expressed depends on each individual.

Many individuals may have similar reactions or emotions. But in a tribal society there are restrictions and ways to express one’s emotions. In a modern society emotions and feelings are expressed differently.

The cultural influence of language, way of life, social norms, religious teachings, country of birth and place one grows up influence one’s behavior including emotional expressions. Therefore, Malayalee has a special mind.

The next question is whether Malayalee mind is positive or negative. Well, answer to this will determine how the Malayalee mind is.

All of us, if not most of us, socialize with Malayalees more often than with others depending on where we live or where we work or what business we do.

If we ask a Malayalee, whether he experiences any different behavior from Malayalees than others, most will say yes. Therefore, we can say Malayalee has a different mind. Why do people say that, because they have experiences with Malayalee behavior? We always expect a different reaction from our Malayalee family members and friends.

Do Malayalees behave differently among themselves that with other non-Malayalees?

People always try to behave differently with different people based on their position, color, ethnicity and economic status. This is true with most people. People always have opinions about other people, which always influence their behavior.

In this respect Malayalee mind is no different. Generally speaking, human mind works same with basic emotions, but it differs at different occasions. People sometimes suppress their emotions based on circumstances and whom they deal with. But sudden emotions do not vary much.

Definitely the language one speaks has a major influence on one’s expression of emotions. That emotion can only be absorbed by the people who understand the language. Based on the position one holds, emotions need to be controlled.

In school, military, and other trainings, you are taught how to behave. Often there are standards of behavior between father and children, mother and children, son and daughter, husband and wife, brother and sister, supervisor and subordinates and all other areas - some based on relationships, some based to connections and some based on authority. Abnormal behaviors are not acceptable in society, some considered unacceptable, some bad and some good.

Now, let us discuss Malayalee mind and behavior. We all accept that Malayalees like all other ethnic and tribal groups have some unique behaviors or idiosyncrasies. Let us examine those that are unfit of Malayalees. It is always said that communal harmony is a great Malayalee character. When we live in a community or a neighborhood, we try to maintain a friendly helpful relationship with the neighbors or people in the community regardless of their ethnic, cultural and religious background. This is perhaps the most unique character of Malayalees

Another unique character we observe of Malayalees is that they do not believe everything they hear right away. Instead, they enquire and analyses whether it is true before believing it.

Also, Malayalee mind is inquisitive. Malayalee men and women think almost alike. Malayalees respect others as human beings regardless of their background. Malayalees help each other and that is the reason why there are so many Malayalees migrated from Kerala to other countries. Malayalees do not accept disrespect.

There may be other good and bad characters and behaviors produced by a Malayalee mind. Overall Malayalees are friendly and helpful people and respect all cultures. Therefore, Malayalee is a unique human being with special idiosyncrasies displayed.

Malayalees have a tendency to put down other ethnic groups in India, look down upon their own neighbors and friends sometimes. The story of crabs in the container with no caps pulling down those trying to get out is compared to Malayalees often. But, it is not true; Malayalees help each other a lot. Look at what happened in Kerala during the floods, look at what happened during Kuwait war, Malayalees are ready to help fellow Malayalees all the time

 Let us be proud of ourselves and be good human beings. Around the world let us be known as a good community - friendly and helpful to the neighbors wherever we live. Proud Malayalee mind can be turned into compassionate human behavior. Be proud to be a Malayalee and be humble as a human being.