Thousands get food and clothes from Fr Chiramel's initiative





CLOTH Bank v/s Food Bank is an initiative by Fr. Davis Chiramel which is all about collecting reusable clothes which can’t be used by us, but can be used by others, and reselling them.

These clothes have got high demand among people who cannot afford to buy costly dresses.

The second phase of this project has already started in Kottayam.

For example, wedding dresses, gowns, sarees etc which are used only once and cost even up to Rs.50,000 are sold just for Rs.500 and the profit earned is directly given to Kerala Jail DGP’s account which is then used to supply food to inmates in various orphanages and old age homes across Kerala.

In the present Covid-19 situation, they all are struggling to have food due to a lack of donations from the general public. The whole money generated from this project will be used for this purpose alone.

For food supplied from jail, we can ensure uniformity and high quality. The project is a big success in Thrissur where people from all over the world are sending clothes through cargo.